Moving can be enjoyable! Well, at least easier….

Moving can be enjoyable! Well, at least easier….

Remember when moving was fun? Well, it was for me when I was able to throw everything I owned into the back of my Datsun and move to California! But now,  with a lifetime of stuff attached to you, it’s not so easy. 

Face it, picking up and moving an entire household has never been fun or easy — and long distance moving can be even worse. When you need to relocate from another state to say, Northeast Pennsylvania, you can’t just hop back across town to take care of a few last minute details: more likely, you’re probably a jet plane ride away!

The logistics of moving your belongings, coupled with the expenses and the stress of finding a new home, can be pretty overwhelming. But, thank goodness, this local realtor here in Northeast PA is ready to assist you.

 A qualified realtor can really help you because they have first-hand knowledge of all that the  Pocono’s have to offer; schools, shopping, commute times and, especially, home values. While people tend to be more or less familiar with the real estate market in their own current neighborhood, it’s challenging to get up to speed with an unfamiliar real estate market and a qualified realtor is keenly aware of the need to familiarize their clients with local values — especially since we often have a small window of time in which to help you secure your new home.

For you’re planning to relocate to our beautiful Lake Wallenpaupack area in Northeast PA, take some time to choose the right realtor for you. You might first consider calling a few agents in the area leaving a brief message about what you’re looking for and then wait for the return calls.  Really, an agent who doesn’t call you back within 24 hours should be avoided because it’s hard enough to plan your relocation and worry about someone who is not  prompt and reliable. Then, ask the agents how much they know about the areas that fit your criteria and then, perhaps a name or two past customers they’ve help relocate will help you make your decision. 

So, for that long distance move, being able to rely on an agent who can be a comprehensive source of local highlights, community resources and especially, home values will be the key to your long term success. And, if you are considering a move to our town, consider giving me a call anytime to discuss your timeline and needs. I’ve made Northeast PA my home and made it my business to learn all about it.

 I am ready to help you find your next best home!!

Lauren Bianco, Realtor


Hawley, PA  18428


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